China Shows Taiwan How to Handle Protesters China Uncensored

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China just proved democracy doesn't work! Chinese state-run media has been criticizing Taiwan following massive protests against a China-Taiwan trade pact, and now it's China's chance to show Taiwan how it handles protesters. In the city of Maoming, Guangdong Province, people took to the streets protesting a paraxylene addition to their already existing petrochemical plant. It was a deal between local officials and state-owned oil giant Sinopec. Local officials followed protocol for how the Chinese Communist Party handles issues: the government does whatever it wants until it pushes people too far, an explosion happens, violent crackdown follows, word of it spreads on the Chinese Internet, censors try to keep pace deleting things, international media attention spotlights the problem, state-run media steps in to reassure everyone, and the local government for more China Uncensored: sure to share with your friends! ______________________________Twitter: : +: +NTDChinaUncensored/______________________________MOBILE LINKS:Taiwan's Sunflower Hong Kong the Next Tibet? Fools!'s Water 's Dino you Gangster Enough to Do Business in China? and the United

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