U S REVOLUTION - NOW - Please JOIN the ARMIY of citizens

  • Uploaded by Holy42 on Jun 19, 2014
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The Army of Satan is Illuminati. But, they get paid well. We are millions. Your payment is LIFE and happiness and peace. AND WE WILL WIN - If every true loving decent American citizen will join we will. Or will this be another generation of apathetic care for nothing people, like the last thousand years. And, all you have to do is simple. LEARN, and TEACH. Just teach the person next to you and all who will hear. The LIGHT will shine in the darkness, and the Darkness CANNOT overpower it. But, Satan's plan is to decieve you! He shall go forth to decieve the entire EARTH. But we have our MOUTHS and our lives to declare the Truth. And the TRUTH shall set us FREE! DO NOT be intimidated friend! And Do not give up or tire out in doing GOOD! The Illuminati will soon fall.

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