Video defeat punitive battalion "Aydar" - 2. # Save Donbass People

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Militia managed to ambush and to crush the fighters of the special battalion "Aydar", arrived to the reinforcement forces of the national guard, who were preparing to storm Lugansk.
The footage video shows that the group was punitive in an extremely difficult position and has undergone a massive fire from the militia forces.
As noted in the Ukrainian media, the actions of the battalion "Idar" were unplanned and not consistent with his superiors. Ostensibly this is why armed men arrived alone to support existing in southeastern natsgvardii forces were ambushed.
"Aydar" was created from volunteers of the Volyn region, Kharkov, Uzhgorod, Lugansk, Kiev, Donetsk and other cities. A large part of it was the Maidan activists. The name of the battalion received from the name of the Aidar river, which flows in the city of Happiness and into the Seversky Donets. His goal was cartel operations against the population of Luhansk Republic.

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