Israel's Belligerent Policies: 'Hamas warns of third intifada amid West Bank raids' [Ashraf Shannon @ PressTV]

The Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, says Israel’s controversial settlement activities and economic hardships bring Palestinians closer to a third Intifada or uprising.

Hussam Badran, who's a Hamas spokesman, said in the Gaza Strip that Palestinians were closer than ever to a direct confrontation with Israel. He also accused the Palestinian Authority's security forces of working secretly with Israel against Hamas members in the West Bank. Badran’s statement is the latest in a series of Hamas warnings against Israel. The group’s spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, said earlier that Tel Aviv would regret its actions against Palestinians. Israel has increased its attacks and arrest operations in the West Bank to find three Israeli settlers who went missing days ago. It has accused Hamas of being behind the alleged kidnapping - - a claim the group rejects.

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