2 Massive Planet X s may lurk beyond Pluto in the Oort Cloud.

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I've said it all along, all Planet X roads lead to Sedna & Sedna led us to VP113 & now the number of professional astronomers who believe their might be one or TWO Giant Trans-Neptunian planets, planetoids, or dwarf planets. Heck, even astrobob is talking about it! And the Shills are stepping up their game. Their defense is A) Amy Mainzer & NASA's NEO WISE team didn't find anything and B) Amateur Astronomers would be able to see it. LOL WUT? I do recommend the honorable Michael Brown go help the WISE team discover some cool stuff. Planet X is real. They've found quite a few of them, Sedna, VP113, Eris Orcus Haumea Quaoar Huya & 2002 Texas 300 The Definition of Planet X has always been a planet outside of Pluto's orbit, so now we've got a ton on our hands, it is interesting to watch as many scientists avoid the discussion of Sedna & VP113 all times indeed!Stay tuned!Go Astonishers Go!God Bless Everyone! @NewThor on the TwitterI am THOR of THORnews and I approve this wonder if I can get an interview with Mike Brown Amy Mainzer Phil Plait & Neil Degrasse Tyson ? They're busy, so probs not all together at once,heck they're as big as the Cosmos now,they might not talk to me at all. :(

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