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Mysterious signal detected in galaxy 240 million light years away from earth

Subscribe to ITN News: have detected a mysterious signal 240 million light years away from Earth. The unidentified signal is a 'spike of intensity at a very specific wavelength of x-ray light', but scientists don't yet know what the origin is. Picked up in the Perseus Cluster, one of the biggest objects in the universe, the discovery is said to be the best evidence of dark matter yet. Astronomers believe dark matter constitutes 85 per cent of the matter in the universe, but doesn't emit or absorb light like normal matter such as protons or electrons, which are known to make up the familiar elements seen in planets, stars, and galaxies. Researchers suggest intensity coming from the Perseus Cluster could be a signature from the decay of a 'sterile neutrino' - which are a hypothetical type of neutrino thought to interact with normal matter via gravity. But while holding exciting potential, the results must be confirmed with additional data to rule out other explanations and to see whether it is plausible that dark matter has been observed. Report by Claire us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Google+: stories from ITN:Barack Obama mistaken for England footballer on mug: Hacking Trial: PM apologises for hiring Coulson: visits Game of Thrones set: victim told to 'quit crying' by 911 operator: march in anti-austerity protest: swears on live TV during World Cup interview: : Man's portrait found under Picasso picture: fans attacked with explosives and bottles: cosmonauts' first spacewalk at ISS: spiders discovered by scientists: robbery fail: Man catches robber with fake gun: tornado tears through Nebraska town: scenes as Sicilian volcano erupts: of Kim Jong Un inspecting submarine: rescue of child kidnapped at knifepoint: 'pepper sprayed' by police in World Cup demo: lions show off ball skills at London Zoo: undercover footage reveals abuse at dairy farm: 2013's Most Watched Videos: our Biggest Videos of All Time:

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