Ghost Hunting Video Captures Creepy Experience! (DE Ep. 63)

Ghost Hunting Video! We captured a real creepy experience when I was grabbed ghost hunting abandoned ruins in San Antonio, TX!Roger from Shadowlight Paranormal invited me to explore this creepy and scary abandoned ruin in San Antonio, TX. In the nearby park somebody had been murdered and another paranormal group had caught an EVP at this location. It was enough to wonder if the location could be haunted by a ghost. It was also the perfect chance to practice my ghost hunting skills as I prepare for some bigger paranormal investigations this summer. However, I was surprised when I had a physical encounter that left me wondering if I had just experienced paranormal activity. We had a lot of camera shooting and in this video you can watch my reaction in real time and watch if we caught spirit activity on Thanks to Roger of Shadowlight Paranormal EXPLORER: REAL PARANORMAL VIDEOSReal paranormal videos of ghosts, spirits, and demons caught on tape! Unexplained activity, scary experiences, & ghost hunting at the most haunted places! New videos Tuesdays at 7PM AND JOIN THE SEARCH FOR THE WITH DEAD EXPLORER:YouTube + +AlejandroInAustinFacebook LINKS:Share this video Explorer Official Playlist

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