video containing notes from my 20 year research to be released in my book with the working title, " Life Between Two Worlds." My work concerns a discovery that I made a while back that I decided to investigate. It pertains mainly to a mathematical model the our DNA uses as a template to replicate all life on earth. The 'design' has been preserved within the symmetry and geometry of our own faces. This 'design' was also discovered by me in a photograph taken of mars' surface in the region of Cydonia, Mars. I have an overwhelming hill of material to prove my point that I decided to both write a book and am working on a documentary about it. The discovery I made will pretty much speak for itself so it will be a very visual book with commentary. I hope to have it done soon for all to see. I will keep people up to date on the progress of both projects. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. K.E.J.

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