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What % of NASA's Data is Classified?

  • sundoom
  • uploaded: Jun 28, 2014
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It's all weird getting weirder. With the Announcement of BOTH STEREO satellites being taken off line due to a Sun Heating error, this after the SDO EVE Sun Camera broke, all in the midst of a Human Punishing campaign to stop the Climate from Changing, I've got to ask what the HELL is going on and What % of data is classified?It really feels like pro science & government have disconnected from the people but not their money. And now hold us all in contempt. God help us all,

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  • Jdeardorff43#

    Jdeardorff43 June 29, 2014 11:53:44 AM CEST

    I`m with you 100% bro, This shit pisses me off too! If it wasn`t for us bankrolling NASA`s endeavors they`d still be looking at the moon with binoculars.But they sucked us in with the intrigue and mystery of space and exploring it was something we just had to do, it`s in our blood.It`s sad to say but from the beginning NASA has been playing us like a cheap fiddle,taking our money for there research and keeping us out of the loop when they have discovered anything mind boggling.They have no respect for us and it shows every day.

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