Bigfoot Sighting Virginia June 2014 - Caught on Tape

Bigfoot Proof? A Virginia man encounters strange creature - Bigfoot's newest sighting caught on tape by a fisherman in the woods. The Virginia man claims he has the best proof of bigfoot was Randy O'Neal who uploaded these images this weekend stating that it was his father that took the photo with his camera phone while fishing near the Intracoastal Highway in VirginiaIt's pretty difficult to make out exactly what is in this O'Neal explains how he himself saw the same creature 25 years ago in the same area and is so confident that this is a Sasquatch that he has challenged others to prove that it's O'Neal was quoted saying"My memories and experiences have made me a believer. Here are the pictures again. Feel free to pause, copy, zoom, dissect or whatever you need to do to prove this fake. I can honestly say that these are the clearest, most 'non-blurred' images I personally have ever seen."It looks a lot like a tree stump to me [What do you guys think?]Randy goes on to explain his encounter 25 years ago as he, his dad, and his uncle were hanging out around a campfire in the same area when he saw a mysterious set of red eyes watching him through the father, Jim O'Neal, chuckled thinking his son was just imaginging things, handed him a shotgun and told the 15-year old to take care of fired into the brush as something let out a blood-curdling scream and smashed through the woods and jumped into a next morning the 3 of them discovered a path of broken down bushes and trees that let to the creek is just one of many recent encounters like the one in Bradford Pennsylvania in October last year as well as the"Skunk Ape" sighting last is ironic in this case how only 1 photo was taken. I know if I saw a bizarre creature like this, I would have taken as many pictures as does present the question however, If big foot was just a myth, then what are all of these people really seeing out there?Randy O'neal Virginia Bigfoot Video 's Connect--

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