NASA's STEREO Sun Satellites are being taken off line. Why? Gold Dark Matter

  • Uploaded by sundoom on Jul 1, 2014
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This is Satire. The Baby is not really the spokessymbol for NASA. Only for Wall Street. The official story is that the STEREO cameras have gotten too hot & one drifted too fast & the other drifted to slow, so their antenna will melt if they point back to Earth. So after losing the Epoxi Deep Impact Satellite last year, the baby planet on the Sun watching SDO EVE camera a month ago, and now Stereo Ahead & Behind cameras, AND being warned about the loss of SOHO soon, we will only be left with the SDO spacecraft which only provides close ups of the NASA's prime focus now on Climate Change, Monitoring Sea Levels, Arctic ice, Carbon & Democrat evangelizing - they seem almost happy to free up the time, money & man power for other it's pretty clear that Gold Dark Matter took down the STEREO 's weird getting weirder. God help us all,@NewThor on Twitter

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