NEW~ UFO Sighting Amazing, UK Twin UFOs BEST JUNE 2014

  • Uploaded by 8seconds on Jul 2, 2014
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PLEASE READ FULLY,..From 28 sec, is original video from jamnoise72s,..Full Credit to her for a excellent catch!,....YOU CAN SEE IN THE VIDEO WHEN THE UFO'S ARE AROUND THE PLANES SEEM TO BE KEEPING AN EYE ON THINGS! i have permission to use parts from the original video, i am having a closer look,...i use filters invert the colour in some shots and zoom just to see what i can see!,,.."I don't know what these objects are. I am just reporting what I am seeing. Today we saw 5 objects. They were black and round and slightly flat, they seemed to be rotating. Sometimes they were stationary and other times they would move" I MADE THIS VIDEO WITH A FEW PARTS VIDEO & SOME SCREEN SHOTS FROM THE ORIGINAL VIDEO!! This video is for educational purposes only absolutely no money is being made from this video, Watch MY Video very similar to jamnose72 Just watch the video... SLOWED DOWN VIDEO = ORIGINAL VIDEO Copyright liemeewatcher,

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