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JFK & the Fake Zapruder Film

  • Pindz
  • uploaded: Feb 15, 2009
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  • Liveecarbme#

    Liveecarbme December 29, 2009 6:14:50 AM CET

    Good observation, another oddity about this film is the seeminlg smooth accleration of the limo after the driver acknowledges JFK's been hit. Look closely at the SS agent who jumps on the back of the limo-all occupants of the Presidential Limo testified that the limo immediately sped away from Dealy Plaza en route to Parkland memorial, yet the agent seems to defy the laws of physics-given the precarious stance he has on the rear bumper...notice he's on his tip toes-yet the rapid, nearly immediate acceleration doesn't even cause himi to wobble, in fact jackie is thrown against the backseat as the limo speeds away...evidence of manipulation in the Z timing.

  • Liveecarbme#

    Liveecarbme December 29, 2009 6:07:17 AM CET

    A mole, stooge, tool, party liner, magic bullet proponent-Government plant...duh.

  • Toniomac1#

    Toniomac1 February 15, 2009 9:24:15 PM CET

    when the film first start the following car looks to be very close but you do not see any ss agent on foot and at the speed the car was moving it had to stop for the the ss agent to get between the cars and jump on back. the film had to be cut and frames taken out "i don't know"... can any skeptics explain this? it had to slow down or stop...

  • Pindz#

    Pindz February 15, 2009 8:02:49 PM CET

    who the fuck is Mastive72 ?

  • Pindz#

    Pindz February 15, 2009 8:02:34 PM CET

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  • Pindz#

    Pindz February 15, 2009 8:02:27 PM CET

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  • Mastive72#

    Mastive72 February 15, 2009 1:55:35 PM CET

    Lurch this dumbazz. We know this was a hit and no matter how much you crap up this film, other obvious problems exsist in the original so called version anyway. The guy at the beginning who seems to be looking away instead of at the car is a set up man. He is giving the shooters time to get ready. The other stuff you mentioned is moot. The car slowing down was obvious for the purpose of giving a good target to hit. Another known fact is that the number of people in the lawn across from the spot where he was hit was ZERO. Yet you see small groups every where else before and after. This spot was cleared for a reason. There is no SS behind the car until after he gets hit, and the one does does come to it gets behind Jackie not JFK. It is known that before the car turned the corner to Deellie Plaza(sp) that the SS were pulled back from the car, and there is film of this that many are not aware of. I saw it on YouTube, and two other sites, that i linked to but can't remember. So my point is the evidence is overwhelming that this too was an inside job. The easiest way to get rid of the most important evidence is to have a hit man kill the supposed hit man..ie Jack Ruby, killing Oswald. Oswald knew something and was a known anti-american protestor to the capitalistic BS that was occuring at the time. He however, got in with the right people and had had to know secrets about our gov. and more importantly ahve proof to that fact. The gov. killed to birds with one stone that day if you ask me. Get off the cut and crop crap with this film. And BTW why you put in this Blocking Crap is beyond me. It made it a lot more difficult to see. And yes I have photography experience....

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