1999RQ36 / 101955 Bennu Pyramid On Asteroid Hoax Goes Viral

I wanted this to be real. So bad. As of right now this does not pass the smell test to me. After a quick Google search on some of the information provided by the makers of the videos and the articles on the net I have come to my own conclusion that this was put out as a hoax by someone. Not sure who duped who but here is some information I came across.. Here is a list compiled from some of the folks at ATS and on other forums.. 1. NEOSSat is a Canadian satellite.....not ISRO (Indian space agency). 2. ISRO does not have any probes making fly-bys of any asteroids. 3. No close up detailed photos of 101955 Bennu (aka 1999 RQ36) have ever been taken at this time. 4. The images we do have were done by ground radars here on Earth. 5. In the date that the video claims this satellite took these images of the asteroid, it was 160 million miles away. http://echo.jpl.nasa.gov steroids/nolan.etal.2013.bennu.pdf http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA15776 http://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/satellites/neossat/ - Canada runs NeoSSat NASA Mission to 1999 RQ36 - http://www.space.com/11788-nasa-asteroid-mission-osiris-rex-1999-rq36.html Please LIKE, COMMENT, & SHARE on FACEBOOK, TWITTER & THE REST :) Much love to you all! "I see what I see, You see what you see.." - Me UFO photo's you took? NASA photo's from Mars? Anything you have I am willing to take a look at! Request that I review a picture or send me a video tip by emailing me at will@willfarrar.net and sending me what you have along with the links! Also check me out online at: http://www.whatsupinthesky.com - Anomaly Website http://www.willfarrar.net - Personal Website http://www.facebook.com/willfarrar - My Facebook Page http://www.mikeejonesmemorial.com - Scholarship for Music http://www.youtube.com/WhatsUpInTheSky37 - My Channel http://www.facebook.com/energyfield - Energy Field Information Network (WhatsUpInTheSky)

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