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Pete Topete American Free Press Confrence

I Wayne Morin Jr was able to film Pete band leader of Poker Face at AFP Confrence listen to his words of wisdom.
Truly Pete is an upcoming star in many ways.
“Because we tell the truth about Jew crimes, man,” answers Paul Topete, leader of the popular protest band he founded more than 20 years ago. “We tell the truth about everybody’s crimes. It’s only when we tell the truth about kosher crimes that we hear the largest whine.”

More than well-known to a surprisingly wide spectrum of political groups in the United States, Poker Face is revered by its many fans for pulling no punches against what it regards as an utterly corrupt system of government. Maybe that’s why, despite a stifling mainstream media blackout — except for negative reviews — Poker Face is reaching new levels of public recognition.

The level of candid courage in its lyrics is as good as any protest rock you’ll hear anywhere, but that’s not the most valuable aspect of the band’s diverse repertoire. Their music resonates with all age groups, all political groups, and all religious creeds (except for that single one that plagues us all), which is doubtless why spineless Jewish groups are so afraid of them.

More than a dozen times in the last four years, Poker Face has had its concerts suddenly canceled. The reason for this is always the same.

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith, the primary producer of Jewish censorship in the U.S., badgers promoters, sponsors and fellow artists into shunning Poker Face by using the misleading shibboleth of Anti-Semitism, and few entertainers and organizers have the courage to withstand this political blackmail.

The totalitarian Talmudists do this with articles in Jewish owned newspapers and other media that accuse Poker Face of being an anti-Semitic band, and most concert promoters knuckle under to this emotional extortion and exclude the one band that is actually trying to inform its audience about the prevailing political reality, rather than, like most bands, trying to soft-pedal or distract audiences from such potent truths.
Please make this film go viral all my videos all over the net have recently been hacked. If you intrested in any of my film footage send me a message we need these films all over every place we can post them.
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Wayne Morin Jr

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