Abydos Temple of Doom Alien Discovery !!!

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TRashing everything the establishment lie about Egypt !!!
If you look carefully you will see the image of the man ,was actually a lion type alien , then changed to a female (the queens actually were the rules in very ancient times ) and the the final
revision to the relief was made to look like a male figure

July 9, 2014 - A CRACK in the wall. A growing pothole. Strange rumblings in

the night. When a sinkhole in suburban Abydos collapsed, it opened a portal

to a long-lost temple of the dead.

The Luxor Times reports that late in April this year a mysterious

subsidence in a narrow suburban alley was drawn to the attention of city

municipality workers.

The street had collapsed into a hole dug from inside one of the

neighbouring houses.

Only once workers entered the pit did they realise the dig was by illegal

looters — and that they had uncovered an ancient construction. Egypt’s

Tourism and Antiquities police were summoned, and the diggers arrested.

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