WHAT? Armed

  • Uploaded by Trip on Jul 9, 2014
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Many part of the United States are now being quietly policed by private security corporations. Recently witnessing a recent arrest of a U.S. citizen in Hollywood CA by a gang of private security personnel calling themselves "Andrews International Security Services", was quite unsettling. An LAPD officer would later confirm that they have the power to make arrests, that this has been the case for at 2-3 years and that this is all part of a program called 'Business Improvement District (BID), a model where the top business in a local community collude together to fund "services" like security, street cleaning, even the overall marketing of the particular community. This is a striking example of the privatization of everything including policing which presents a serious threat to Freedom and liberty and is giving private corporations whose only interest is profit and control police-like power. Alarmingly these private coalitions of top businesses are now popping up nationwide and is already in at least 9 other countries. Andrews. Is this part of what Obama said would be a civilian army? We need to be vigilant about what is happening and make sure we do what we can to expose these programs

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