Spotlight Live: The Hunt for Other Worlds Heats Up

On July 9, three exoplanet hunters Zachory Berta-Thompson, Bruce Macintosh and Marie-Eve Naud came together to discuss the discovery boom, consider the next steps in the hunt for habitable worlds, and debate whether we're likely to find alien life in the next :55 Can you explain what the MEarth project is and what it does?3:25 What is the significance of this new picture from the Gemini Planet Imager?5:50 How do you go about finding exoplanets?7:30 What do you think is the most amazing planetary discovery so far?12:50 What are the different methods that we use to discern planets orbiting other stars?15:05 How do you determine the number of planets that have been detected with each technique?17:05 How many exoplanets do we miss with these techniques?18:40 What other characteristics can we learn about exoplanets?20:25 Can we detect magnetic fields around exoplanets?21:10 How close are we to finding molecular oxygen in an exoplanet's atmosphere?23:35 How likely is it that we will find life on exoplanets within the next 10 years?27:50 Is there a planetary measurement you are excited about but can't make due to technology constraints?31:10 Is there another type of space telescope that might help directly view exoplanets?32:30 What is a question about exoplanets that you wish we could answer?

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