Pierce Brosnan: Save Whales, Stop Deadly Navy Sonar! - NRDC

JOIN WITH PIERCE BROSNAN TO STOP WHALES FROM DEADLY SONAR: Brosnan: "In the darkness of the ocean, whales depend on their hearing for survival - to find food, migrate, and communicate. But the US Navy has a new plan for training with high-powered sonar and explosives that will bombard whales with intense noise. The Navy itself predicts that nearly 1,000 whales and other marine mammals could be killed. Thousands more will be deafened. And in the darkened sea, the deaf whale is a dead whale. The Navy should be putting vital whale habitat off-limits to sonar and explosives during routine training. But they won't do that unless you and I speak out right now. With one click, you can make your voice heard. And please, share this message. Together we can save the whales.

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