Israel Air Strikes On Gaza: 'Deaths Rise In Israeli Assault'

Deaths Rise In Israeli Air Strikes On Gaza - Israel Air Strikes On Gaza

Up to 20 people have been killed in the deadliest night of Israeli air raids on Gaza since its current offensive began, Palestinian officials say.

The health ministry said most died in attacks on a house and a cafe in Khan Younis in the south, bringing the overall death toll to 76.

Militants in Gaza continued firing rockets into Israel on Thursday, with sirens sounding over southern towns.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned the situation was "on a knife-edge".

'Tap on roof'
The Israeli military said that it had attacked 108 targets since midnight and that 12 rockets had been fired at Israel, seven of them intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system
Israel says its targets in Operation Protective Edge have been militant fighters and facilities including rocket launchers, weapons stores, tunnels and command centers.

The Palestinian health ministry said 17 people including five children and three women were killed in the strikes on the house and cafe in Khan Younis.

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