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  • Uploaded by kripto on Jul 12, 2014
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Extreme Weather Events Bible Prophecy Blood Moon 2014 copy and paste link

With All The Stuff Happening Around The World Over The Last Ten Years Alone It's Like A Big Jigsaw Put All The Pieces Together & You Don't Have To Be A Geniuses To Work It Out The Powers That Be Is Covering Up The Truth You Can Forget Global Warming, Climate Change, Terrorism So On

The list Go's On & On At The End Off The Day It`s To Take The Eye Off The Truth With All The Extreme Weather, Earthquakes, Meteors, Comets, & Changes That Are Happening Within Our Solar system On Other Planets.

Some Thing Big Is Happening We Are In A Race To Destructing It`s As If The Governments Don't Care Polluting The Earth With Every Toxic Substance They Can Get There Grubby Little Hands on Do They Know The Earth Is About To Go Threw An Extinction Event !!!!

That It Doesn't Matter What Goes On In The World As Long As They Keep Robbing Us Of Our Wealth So That They Can Build There Big Underground Tunnels & Cities All Over The World For The Elite

Elite Underground Tunnels & Cities Completely Stocked As Of March 2013

Billionaire Bunkers: Beyond the Panic Room, Home Security Goes Sci-Fi

Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Arctic

Why The Elite are Planning to go into Hiding in Underground Cities

Governments know about a possible pending global disaster

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