Slavyansk. The war from inside. The mass media won't show it. # Save Donbass People

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Slavyansk. The war from inside.
Author - Max Fadeev. Author's version.
The Kiev Junta offense. A war crime. Neo-Nazi crimes against humanity.

The first target of the Kiev Junta attack was the Slavyansk city located in the DPR. Locals all this long time have heroically defend the city and its suburbs. Anti-fascist militia mainly consisting of volunteers who are Slavyansk residents, under command of Igor Strelkov are there to protect the civilian population. Much of the truth about the troubles and sorrow of this city-hero are remained unknown.
They have suffered a lot: the bombing, shelling, deaths, humiliation, fear, poverty, hunger and loss of loved ones. They were deprived of food, water, electricity and housing. Ukrainian media conceals the truth from the world community. But nevertheless, they don't give up and continue to oppose tthe fascists.

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