Confirmed: Magnetic Waves Cannot Accelerate Solar Wind Space News

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Looking for a fast track to comprehensive education on the Electric Universe? Those most eager to learn are invited to the EU Workshop, November 14-16, 2014 at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown. This event will be led by Wal Thornhill and Dave Talbott, who are preparing full summaries of their life's work, something that has never been presented publicly. Wal's talks will be complemented by additional material from electrical theorist Dr. Donald Scott, and Dave's presentations will be reinforced by Ev Cochrane, author of several essential books on the ancient sky. Seating will be limited. Check out: new scientific study has further deepened one of the longstanding mysteries of solar physics. For decades scientists have struggled to explain why the solar wind accelerates as it moves away from the Sun in defiance of gravity. In more recent years, theorists have suggested that so-called transverse magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves could explain both the problems of solar wind acceleration and anomalous coronal heating. However, for the first time researchers using the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) have directly measured the transverse wave motions in solar-polar plumes. They have found that the energies of the so-called magnetic waves fall four to ten times below the minimum requirement to explain the acceleration of the solar wind. Dr. Michael Clarage weighs in on this Clarage's talk on the electric sun at EU2014 conference: of the paper discussed in this video: previous Space News on so-called "magnetic waves" on the Sun: Subscribe to Thunderbolts Update newsletter: Thunderbolts Project Home: Guide to the Electric Universe: : Universe by Wal Thornhill: Universe T-shirts and Gifts:

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