Mysterious giant crater discovered on Yamal, Russia.

  • Uploaded by Velesmyst on Jul 13, 2014
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Exact answers as there was this hole in the earth while isn't present. But versions move forward the most improbable - from explosion of a nuclear bomb to meteoric blow and falling of the alien ship.
The first this "a black hole" was noticed by helicopter pilots who serve oil and gas fields on Yamal. They also photographed a funnel from air. According to them, the size of a failure is so great that inside it is possible to go down quietly on several Mi-8. However, while nobody decided on it. According to eyewitnesses, the powerful underground stream at the bottom rustles. Experts speak: it is unlikely it is a question of a usual karstic failure or any seismic processes. It seems that there was very powerful explosion is it is visible on that as the earth lies, and at the edges of a funnel it looks burned. No official statements about any surveying works in this place are present. But as locals speak, - this part of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area is so a little occupied, what even in case of large-scale tests anybody would notice nothing.

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