'3 yr Old Boy Crucified, Tortured and Executed by US-backed Kiev fascisis' [1TV.ru]

One week has passed since the Kiev troops entered Slavyansk left by the Self Defense.
The story, which was told by a woman from the refugee camp in the Rostov region of the Russian federation, dated the same time.
She told about a public execution. Her name is Galina, she's a mother of four.
Galina was born in Western Ukraine, and her relatives, who live there, are very unhappy that her husband joined the People's Self Defense.
The story Galina told us, left an uneasy feeling.
The mind refuses to realize such a thing is possible in our days in the center of Europe. The heart cannot believe such a thing exists.

Galina Pyshnyak: "City center. Lenin Square. Our City council - it is the only place where you can gather all the people.

They gathered women in the square, because there are no men in the city now. Women, girls, old people. And this is called exemplary punishment.

They took a 3-year-old-kid -- a little boy, he was wearing only a panties and a T-shirt, and nailed him on the bulletin board, they crucified him as Jesus.

Two men held him, while another man nailed him.

And it all were happening in front of his mother. They held her down. And she watched her baby bleed.

Cries. Squeals.

They also made some cuts on his body to make him suffer more.

It was just unbearable. People fainted.

After an hour and half of torture he died.

Then they took his mother, who had fainted, tied her to a tank and drove three circles around the square. A circle in the square is one kilometer long".

Yulia Chumakova: "You, especially after this interview, are in great danger. Am I right?"

Galina Pyshnyak: "I became a traitor, because I was born in the Transcarpathian region. Even my mom said: I'll shoot you, when you come here. And the National Guard will shoot. I was sentenced to a double shot. I'm not afraid for myself. I feel sorry for my kids. If I wouldn't have kids, I would take a weapon and join the Self Defense.

'Cause it's not the Ukrainian Army, they are not liberators, they are bitches. When they came to the city, there were no Self Defense activists. They shot and looted in the city.

Old people told us, that even the fascists didn't behave like that. That group "Galician" of the SS they were locals, and they were torturing the locals. They raped women and killed children. And now their grandchildren have revived it all back."

Yulia Chumakova: "Are you not afraid to talk about it?"

Galina Pyshnyak: "Let the whole world know how they torture people, because nobody believes. Nobody knows about that. And those phosphorous bombs. Children found variously shaped pieces of mines.
Dead bodies lay everywhere. There was no free space where to put them. Morgue did not work. A stench of decomposing bodies.
You can't believe it, because you haven't been there, you haven't seen it.
For you it's just a terrible thing, savagery.

There was a shooting tonight, but my kid didn't even wake up, because he got used to hear that sound. A 7-year-old kid!
He asks: "Mom, is that bombings?". I say, "Yes, my son." And he falls asleep again."

Yulia Chumakova: "You so boldly opened your face and said your name. Are you not afraid?"

Galina Pyshnyak: "Because I'm like a rock after these three months."

Yulia Chumakova: "What do you hope for? You know it will end someday."

Galina Pyshnyak: "Give us freedom. There are no Russian troops. The fighters are ordinary hardworking miners. Workers rebelled because their patience was over.

They have had enough of human blood.

We are all of one blood. Don't divide us.

Yes, there are some bad people among us. I can't say we are all one, but we are all humans.

Don't declare war, try to negotiate. Kind word always wins."

Yulia Chumakova: "Thank you very much that you've agreed to tell us these things. And good luck."

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