RED ALERT - America Has Been Breached & more Breaking News!

  • Uploaded by Holy42 on Jul 16, 2014
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Please Forward! - Crazy Weather Patterns!- Water Turns Blood Red AGAIN this time in Canada!- Bowe Bergdahl gets job back!- Langley Air Force Base eliminates more than 700 jobs- 1,100 Captains and 500 Majors being fired along with active duty troops- Eric Holder says Homegrown Violent Extremists (not demons) keep him up at night- Putin Signs Nuke Energy Deal with Argentina- Mexico Looks to Back Silver with Peso, Dollar in Major Trouble!- North Korea Fires 100 Artillery Shells near Border over Naval Exercises- China charged in hacking plot to steal Military Dataand much, much, Anita Fuentes Website: Breaking News Headlines @ my Facebook Page: End-Time Broadcast: End-Time Prophecy Channel - Subscribe!: up A CD and by doing so your helping the Urgent and Vital work of this end-time ministry! You Help Us Do Even More? Please Donate:

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