2014 July 15 Breaking News New ISLAM Sharia Law Persecution of Christians worldwide

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2014 July 15 Breaking News Nigeria 50 of 52 churches burnt down ISLAM Sharia Law Persecution of Christians seeking world domination global threat2014 July 15 Breaking NewsLevels of Islamic violence against Christians in 2013 remained extremely high, with hundreds of cases of physical aggression, the destruction of nearly 300 churches and the death of 612 Nigerian Christians. Pentecostal leader, Rev. Faye Pama Musa, was shot dead by two suspected Boko Haram members. However, violence from this Islamic terrorist group is not the only form of persecution. Local government and social groups leave hardly any space for Christians to live their own lives; many Christian villages are denied basic facilities, such as wells and schools July 15 Breaking News New ISLAM leader Syria-Iraq caliph calls all Muslims to holy war worldwide June 26 Breaking News Los Angeles Times Nigeria 60 girls & women 31 boys abducted May REUTERS Huffington Post 4 Kidnapped Nigerian Girls Escape Boko Haram Captors June Breaking News Associated Press Pregnant woman stoned to death by family for choosing husband Hundreds women murdered yearly in Muslim-majority Pakistan honor killings Sharia Law in USA false teaching Rick Warren CHRISLAM Part 5 2014 Sharia Law ISLAMIC STATE camps in USA and the USA GOVERNMENT allows it 24 2014 Breaking News Brunei has become the first country in South-East Asia next to Australia to implement sharia law tough new Islamic laws include penalties severing of limbs and death by stoning Part 4 25 2014 Breaking News Sharia principles enshrined British legal system first time in history Part 3 25 2014 Breaking News Rick Warren False teaching CHRISLAM Sharia Law Terrorism Part 2 25 2014 Breaking News Christian Sudanese woman sentenced to death 4 rejecting 2B muslim Part 1 2014 Breaking News Terrorist Expert explains Muslim Brotherhood's plans to dominate world 2014 Breaking News Muslim Brotherhood teaching Sharia Law in USA schools k-12 indoctrinating the USA youth - Rick Warren Chrislam involvement End Times Last days final hour news prophecy update 2014 Breaking News Islamic Republic seeks world domination Last Days news 2014 Breaking News Muslims convert to LOVE christianity worldwide Last Days News 2014 Breaking News False Teachings Rick Warren Gay People go to Heaven - Last days news 2014 Breaking News Sr Pastor Brian Brodersen allows Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa to carry false teaching Rick Warren Material 25 2014 Breaking News Bible Prophecy wars leading to Armageddon last days 22 2014 Breaking News Sharia Law Islamic law is adopted by British legal chiefs told how to draw up Sharia-style wills penalizing widows and non-believers 19 2014 Breaking News Praying these Christan girls abducted by the false teaching of Islam followers to be returned to their families in Jesus Christ God and Savior AMEN.#bringbackoursisters Boko Haram Kidnapped Schoolgirls Are Christians part 2 17 2014 Breaking News Most of Boko Haram Kidnapped Schoolgirls Are Christians Part 1 17 2014 Breaking News Most of Boko Haram Kidnapped Schoolgirls Are Christians 2014 Breaking News Syria Al Qaeda Training Western Citizens for Terror Abroad 2014 Breaking News Texas Islamic Village Linked to Extremist Group in Pakistan Haram terrorist network in its campaign to impose an Islamic Sharia Law state on Africa's most populous nation.

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