NWO ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION ON PUTIN Wrong Jetliner Targeted Killing 295 on Malaysia Jetliner!

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MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!!!- I don't think many understand the enormity of what has taken place the past few days with Russia establishing it's own world bank with South America, China, and South African Countries. - Putin is trying to establish his own NWO outside of the Western Bankers NWO. - Ukraine Rebels have received sophisticated weapons from the west, including the - Also note mainstream media touting "amateur footage" from the downed plane - who was already filming???? LINK: President Putin's plane might have been the target for Ukrainian missile - Obama on the phone with Putin as a Jetliner is taken down. - Western Bankers wanted to make sure that (Putin) was dead but instead it was an assassination fail. - BRICS establish $100bn bank and currency pool to cut out Western dominance Faced With Western Freeze-Out, BRICS Bank Is a Coup for The BRICS: A growing challenge for the West #ixzz37l1JJuew *********************************************************Evangelist Anita Fuentes Website: Breaking News Headlines @ my Facebook Page: End-Time Broadcast: End-Time Prophecy Channel - Subscribe!: up A CD and by doing so your helping the Urgent and Vital work of this end-time ministry! You Help Us Do Even More? Please Donate:

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