Ukraine: *GRAPHIC * MH17 crash site- scorched bodies lie among wreckage

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Video ID: 20140717-052W/S Smoke from crashed planeW/S Charred debrisW/S DebrisW/S Debris *GRAPHIC*SOT Local resident (Russian): "They were sitting at the altitude, there were two planes flying, one came from the clouds."SOT Journalist asking question (Russian): "Were those military planes?"SOT Local resident (Russian): "[My son] does not know. Then the second plane was hit by one shot. And that's it. There was one shot, he says. He says, one plane fell, and the second fell too. My phone got off (got discharged), I can't call him."W/S DebrisW/S Smoke in airW/S DebrisSCRIPTScolded bodies lay amongst smoking debris in near the settlement of Grabovo, Donetsk region, Thursday, in the aftermath of a Malaysia Airline plane crash. The Boeing-777 aircraft, flight MH17, was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it plane was reportedly at an altitude of 10,600 (34,700 feet) when ground control lost number of major airlines, including Virgin, Transaero and Lufthansa have announced that they will re-route all of their flights away from the conflict zone in eastern : : : Plus: +RuptlyTVInstagram: : : on Demand:

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