Signs Of The End Times Drawing Near

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Jul 20, 2014
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DISCLAIMER: This Video Is Presented As Speculation Not Alarmist Prediction. It Looks At One Possible Scenario. During These Times Use Spiritual Discernment. We Have Every Right To Expect Severe Global Turmoil And Consider What Scenario We Might Be Facing In The Near Future And How Best To Deal With It With The Help Of The Holy we headed into a time of turmoil, certain recent connective signs may support this concern (let the viewer understand). Many will mock any awareness of this as we live in an age that will scatter into separate camps. What is crucial is to protect your peace of mind by making positive affirmations such as, "I AM INNOCENT" This affirmation will deflect a world of accusations from you and keep you positive and shining.'

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