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Press Conference Regarding Secret 9/11 Documents

  • Holy42
  • uploaded: Jul 21, 2014
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  • Jdeardorff43#

    Jdeardorff43 July 22, 2014 8:50:53 AM CEST

    Unless the govt. can answer the many many questions that basically prove this to be an inside job then we don`t give a fuck about whats in these pages,because we know whats not in them.
    I promise you that nothing about bldg 7 is in there and nothing is in there about the impossible maneuver the supposed airline made to hit the the pentagon and the fact there was just a 15 ft hole punched in the side of the building ,with no engines or black boxes or wings recovered,supposedly all destroyed.Of course they could just show us but they confiscated every single piece of video that showed the impact from every single camera in a 2 mile radius.They ended up releasing 1 with crappy video that took a still every 5 seconds,it showed no shadow of a plane right before it hit.
    I could go on and on....
    Remember our media is in the tank anyway,worse than Pravda in the 80`s. If this was a real news conference about 9-11 nobody would have shown up.

  • Ferdf#

    Ferdf July 21, 2014 9:39:36 PM CEST

    Unless Rep. Massie tells us those 28 pages says that our Government was in evolved in 911 then shut the fuck up, because we know better and you know where you can put all 28 pages!

  • Loky#

    Loky July 21, 2014 8:16:40 PM CEST

    a press release, releasing nothing?

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