Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov: 10 Question for Ukrainian Junta to Answer. # Save Donbass People

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Russia's Deputy Defence Minister Anatoli Antonov posed 10 questions that the world needs to ask.

1. The Ukrainian authorities instantaneously determined who was to blame in the tragedy. Of course, in their opinion, it is the militias. What is the basis of these conclusions?

2. Can official Kiev give all details related to the use of Buk systems in the combat zone, and especially answer why these systems were deployed, given that the militias have no aircraft?

3. What are the reasons for the inaction of the Ukrainian authorities on forming an international commission, and when will such a commission start to function? The international community wants to know.

4. Are representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces prepared to submit to international experts documentation on the inventory of air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles installed on their anti-aircraft weapons? This is a very important questions, which will help us determine what systems were used against the Malaysian Boeing.

5. Will air control data be provided to the international commission on the movements of Ukrainian Air Force planes on the day of the tragedy?

6. Why did Ukrainian air controllers allow the plane to deviate to the north, in the direction of the so-called anti-terrorist operation being conducted by official Kiev against the population of southeastern Ukraine.

7. Why was the air space above the combat zone not completely closed to civilian aviation, especially since the region in question lacked a continuous field of radar navigation means? [A reference to the fact that the modern communications systems of Donetsk airport have been knocked out during fighting.]

8. Can official Kiev comment at this time on the report that appeared in social media, allegedly from a Spanish-national air traffic controller working in Ukraine, that the Boeing that was shot down was under escort by two Ukrainian military aircraft?

9. Why has the SBU begun to work with the recordings of communications between air traffic control and the Boeing crew and with Ukrainian radar data, without the involvement of international representatives?

10. In what way have the lessons of the previous, similar tragedy, the case of the Russian Tu-154 over the Black Sea, been taken into account? [This was the October 2001 crash of Tel Aviv-Novosibirsk flight of Sibir Airlines, which was downed by a Ukrainian missile during training, killing 78 people.] In that case, the Ukrainian leadership denied, until the last minute, any role of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in that tragedy—until we presented incontrovertible evidence and proved who was the real culprit in that tragedy.

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