God Changes The Paths Of Our Rockets In Mid Air.

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Changes The Paths Of Our Rockets In Mid-AirIn Gaza Say That The Jew's God 'Changes The Paths Of Our Rockets In the entire history of the Jews people -- God's chosen -- miracles have been a part of their heritage. The regathering of Israel back in the Promised Land on May 14th, 1948, shows that God has never abandoned His people. Modern-day Israel, though they may not have yet returned to God spiritually, are physically back in the land that is their birthright. The very existence of a Jewish state in Israel in 2014 is a living, breathing miracle from God it comes as no surprise of any kind the current headline out of Gaza where the Hamas rocket launchers are complaining that "their God changes the path of our rockets in mid-air". That is exactly how the God of the bible operates when His Holy Land is on the Operation Protective Edge enters into it's 17th day, the world is slowly but certainly turning against Israel and the right to defend themselves. The prophets of the Old Testament recorded that in the last days the whole world would turn against Israel, and seek to destroy her. Those days are fast approaching, and in the current conflict we see those seeds beginning to

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