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Dr. Paul Cameron Evidence Links Molestation to Homosexuality

Dr. Paul Cameron, Ph.D
Now a large random survey has been published that included both homosexuals and heterosexuals[1]Sweet:2012. The results are as they should be if ‘common sense’ is correct: 33,902 adults — the largest random sample to date on this issue — were asked if they had been molested by an adult. “Molested” in this survey meant “sex they didn’t want.” Since the law does not care whether a child wanted the sex, some illegal child/adult sex apparently was not counted. For instance, some students might ‘want’ to have sex with their teacher, but law forbids it.

Even with this limitation, the results were dramatic: those who engage in homosexual sex were “sharply,” as the authors put it, more likely to report molestation [CSA]. How sharply? Using a broad definition of molestation, the almost 3% of women who reported same-sex sex in adulthood were about three times as likely to report CSA as straight women, while the 4% of men who reported homosexual activity in adulthood were about four times more apt to report CSA than straights. For the most stringent definition of molestation, the differences were eight times more for men!

This study validates ‘common sense’ about how homosexual tastes are acquired and maintained. The data show that it is very much more likely for a homosexual to have been molested as a child than for someone who is heterosexual. Nonetheless, the on-going corruption of science to favor or ‘cover for’ homosexuality is evident in the authors’ statement that the “data presented here must be analyzed cautiously so that CSA is not identified as causally related to individuals becoming gay/lesbian or bisexual as adults”!

As demonstrated in the last Family Research Report [2]FRR:Feb2013, male homosexuals are exceptionally interested in having sex with kids. The gay movement has tended to be open about this desire. In 1948, Alfred Kinsey — a homosexual himself who arguably started gay rights — said some boys are “definitely aggressive in seeking contacts [with adults]” [3]Kinsey:1948 and in 1994 Larry Kramer, the homosexual who started Gay Men’s Health Crisis, argued

“I don’t understand the irrational fear that apparently grips so many parents of school-aged children, that we will ‘recruit’ these children.… In those instances where children do have sex with their homosexual elders, be they teachers or anyone else, I submit that often, very often, the child desires the activity, and perhaps even solicits it.”

Since homosexuals produce so few children, they must garner others’ children to maintain their numbers. Kramer’s and Kinsey’s rationalization is certainly clever: if the kids did not want it, were not “aggressive” or “solicited it,” it wouldn’t happen. Poor homosexuals, the kids make them do it!

Paul Cameron, Ph.D.
Chairman, Family Research Institute
POB 62640
Colorado Springs, CO 80962

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