Red Alert! Food Supply Shockingly Sick FDA Approved Food Secret!

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Where the TRUTH is EXPOSED and SCANDALS UNCOVERED:********************************************************************The Money GPS by David Quintieri featuring Bob Chapman, James Turk, and David Inside the Book!: Free eBooks:FLUORIDE: : : The Money GPS Insiders: for the COLLAPSE:********************************************************************A mixture of six bacteria-killing viruses can be safely sprayed on meat and poultry to combat common microbes that kill hundreds of people a year, federal health officialsRevealed: the dirty secret of the UKs poultry industryTwo-thirds of fresh retail chicken in UK contaminated with campylobacterUsing expired meat in China was allegedly company policy for a US-owned supplierThe Revolving Door Between Monsanto, the FDA, and the EPALabeling Food and Ingredients Developed from GM SeedSources:#.U9B3bFZLz8

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