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5 Darkest Coca-Cola Secrets

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  • uploaded: Jul 25, 2014
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Sit back, relax and grab a to Dark5 Coca-Cola's darkest secrets including it's alcohol and cocaine-infused origins, special government deals and a secret chemical processing plant, alleged attacks on union workers by paramilitary groups in Colombia, the secret origin of Fanta in Germany and a deadly Coke Dark5 on Facebook Dark5 on Google+ Deeper:Pemberton French Wine Coca: Leaves, Cocaine & Stepan: Union Lawsuit: Origins: Addiction: : "Round Hole Revision" by TestubeCheck out more music from Testube : "The Machine Thinks"by Kevin MacLeod () Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution

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  • Jb24h#

    Jb24h July 25, 2014 11:15:31 PM CEST

    Where's the story? Once again no one seems to understand moderation!

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