Major false flag terror attack coming soon

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Major false flag terror attack coming soon

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THE TRIGGER POINT TO WW3 What will be needed to usher in WW3 will be another major FALSE FLAG even like 9-11 in New York. A justification will be sought to blame certain religious groups and/or nation to strike militarily. This “Event” will be the pretext to cause ‘Order out of Chaos’ that the Luciferians use to further plans. It appears that the Syrian Civil War might be such a trigger.

Israel at this point will seek any means possible to seek a sense of ’Peace and Security’ -despite being a ’false’ reality and a Double-Cross by the AntiChrist later on. -Daniel 9:27

It is a fool’s errand to try and predict the exact date that Putin will launch an attack upon Ukraine. However, there are some clear timetables in place that will clearly provide Putin with parameters on when he needs to act before NATO can consolidate that period. And that period is fast approaching.

Before “snap” military war games can commence, support personnel must be on the ground preparing for the arrival of the heavy equipment to be used in the exercise. First, the planes arrive and this will be followed by transports carrying heavy military equipment. Once these pieces are in place, the NATO troops will arrive in bulk.

If Putin plans to take over Ukraine with a minimal amount of resistance, he must act prior to consolidation of troops. Since the first NATO snap exercises in Ukraine and surrounding countries are scheduled for late June and early July, NATO will need about five weeks to coordinate the activity. Therefore, we are entering the danger zone of when Putin must act militarily in order to minimize the level of resistance he will face.

To meet the timetables of military consolidation in advance of the exercises, Putin has about four, maybe five weeks to act.

One must consider that Putin may initiate World War III much earlier than five weeks from now. If Russian supported Assad forces in Syria were to go on the offensive with Russian help, NATO might be forced to come to the aid of its CIA/al Qaeda backed rebels in a reverse kind of a TET offensive. This could slow down the military buildup off of Russia’s border by NATO if they were forced to divert resources in support of the Syrian rebels. In the midst of the coming Syrian chaos, Putin would have time to launch a false flag event, blame the Ukrainian government, and subsequently follow up with military action designed to protect pro-Russians living in Ukraine.


In the unlikely event that NATO changes its war games exercises, Putin has about a five week window to gain military control over Ukraine before NATO would be in position to offer any meaningful opposition.

If Putin does not act inside of this five week window, then the Ukrainian standoff will no doubt morph into a cold war scenario similar to the 40 year cold war experienced by the Soviet Union and the United States. A global cold war could destroy what is left of the American economy. I fear that Putin has the necessary mineral resources and the support of the BRICs to win an economic war of attrition related to the necessary build up needed to engage in a prolonged cold war. In either case, Putin holds the upper hand. And since Obama has seen fit to reduce the size of the American military to pre-WW II levels, this has increased the likelihood that the cold war would one day become a nuclear confrontation. And let’s not forget about the Russian spy ship in Cuba and the Iranian naval vessels which were parked off of our east coast. Again I ask, is an EMP attack that far out of the question? An attack in which the Chinese would gladly participate in for reasons that I previously identified in recent articles.


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