5 Times the United States Almost Nuked Itself

Oops. Presenting 5 times the United States almost blew itself threat of a nuclear explosion in the United States was at its height between World War 2 and the Cold War with Russia. But what if the closest America actually ever came to nuclear destruction was at its own hand?This compilation of five accidents is the result of military airplane crashes, dangerous science experiments, pilot error and a simple dropped wrench. The crash of a B-52 bomber over Goldsboro, North Carolina saw the release of an atomic bomb over American soil, as did the Mars Bluff incident involving a nuclear-armed B-47 bomber. Both lost nuclear weapons were recovered from those broken arrow incidents, but the same can't be said for the 1958 accident involving a collision between a B-47 and F-86 fighter jet. That nuclear bomb was lost forever off the coast of incidents include the plutonium Demon Core experiments that resulted in chain reactions which killed several nuclear scientists at the Los Alamos National Lab, and the Van Buren ICBM accident in which a nuclear warhead was ejected from a massive missile explosion. Subscribe to Dark5 Dark5 on Google+ Dark5 on Facebook : "FoxWood" by AltoSyncIntro: "The Machine Thinks"Outro: "Controlled Chaos"by Kevin MacLeod () Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution

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