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Opening gates of hades JULY 27 2014

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Opening gates of hades JULY 27 2014

Ramadan in 2014 will start on Saturday, the 28th of June and will continue for 30 days until Sunday, the 27th of July. They do this by the sighting of the Moon....... Although Ramadan is always on the same day of the Islamic calendar, the date on the Gregorian calendar varies from year to year, since the Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar and the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar. This difference means Ramadan moves in the Gregorian calendar approximately 11 days every year. The date of Ramadan may also vary from country to country depending on whether the moon has been sighted or not
'Gate to Hell' Guardians Recovered in Turkey

Archaeologists digging in Turkey have found the guardians of the "Gate to Hell" -- two unique marble statues which once warned of a deadly cave in the ancient Phrygian city of Hierapolis, near Pamukkale.

Known as Pluto's Gate -- Ploutonion in Greek, Plutonium in Latin -- the cave was celebrated as the portal to the underworld in Greco-Roman mythology and tradition. It was discovered in March by a team led by Francesco D'Andria, professor of classic archaeology at the University of Salento.

"The statues represent two mythological creatures," D'Andria told Discovery News. "One depicts a snake, a clear symbol of the underworld, the other shows Kerberos, or Cerberus, the three-headed watchdog of hell in the Greek mythology."


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  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye July 27, 2014 6:33:25 PM CEST

    This is just new cold war rhetoric propaganda.
    There is an obvious and aggressive political policy at the moment to pursue and agitate conflict in vulnerable areas of the world.
    I assume it is to feed the military-industrial complex and expand geopolitical borders as it clearly has no consistency or foundation in international law and the policy is shown to contradict itself, crossing boundaries of enemies in conflicts elsewhere and allying with them.

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