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'Israel resumes attacks on Gaza from air, land and sea' [Akram el-Safarri @ PressTV]

Rockets fired from the Gaza Strip reach deeper into Israel in retaliation for the deadly Israeli onslaught on the besieged territory.

Rocket warning alarms wailed in several Israeli cities including Betah Tekfa , Hashron and Tel Aviv. Meanwhile, al-Qassam Brigades fired five Grad rockets into Ashdod. There've been no immediate reports on possible casualties. The latest rocket attack comes following a 12-hour humanitarian ceasefire which was brokered by the UN. There've been calls for the extension of the truce. Israel has unilaterally extended the ceasefire but Palestinian resistance group Hamas has announced that it won't accept any long-term ceasefire unless the Israeli troops withdraw from the Gaza Strip. It also demands the return of Palestinians to their homes and the free movement of ambulances.

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