The Battle of Crimea is Over The Battle of Europe Begins

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The Battle of Crimea is Over The Battle of Europe Begins There are over 300,000 Russian troops scattered throughout America, from Alaska down to the southern states, all training under UN auspices for possible deployment in the event of “civil distur...

The Battle of Crimea is Over The Battle of Europe Begins
There are over 300,000 Russian troops scattered throughout America, from Alaska down to the southern states, all training under UN auspices for possible deployment in the event of “civil disturbance”. At the same time there are over 250,000 Russian, N. Korean and Chinese troops training in Mexico for the last few years.

Many former Intel. persons, both State Dept., military, and Intelligence agency personal have warned of a Russian attack on America. We could list and document much on this subject that has come to light in the last few years.

Now, lets look at something related – if you will please – Catholic Prophecy from mystics and seers of unquestionable reputation and integrity.

- Sister Lucia of Fatima said in 1990: “Russia will attack America”.

- Blessed Sister Elena Aiello (1895-1961), Italian mystic and stigmatic, said in 1959: “Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and she will attack America with her ‘secret’ armies.

- In 1984, Pope JPII asked a German mystic what he had seen in his visions to which he said: “I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the West and East Coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities.

- Search and read the Prophecies of other Catholic mystics:

- JR Nyquist: For Patriots who Think : Another must read.
- The Prophecies of Alois Irimaier (1894-1959) who also was shown in his visions around the same time as Sister Aiello, that Russia will attack all of Europe and America, with some detail.
- WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe: Here are a number of Catholic mystics, stigmatics, seers, etc who have all warned of the same.

- Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941) Stigmatic and Mystic : Warned in the late 1800's of the coming WWI, WWII and gave much detail of the Russian/Muslim attack on Europe.

Let me list one more, of so many to pick from, secular article that of recent that is well done and gives a good overview of Obama’s mission in this coming war.
- “The CIA Manchurian Candidated Groomed by Communists to Destroy America.” – by “From the Trenches. – an excellent overview of what is coming, a must read.

Now instead of listing dozens more Catholic saints and mystics search and read the above articles and you will get the picture quite clearly, but let me then given everyone a sort of summary of what these mystics have warned.

Firstly: God is going to punish us for our sins, for abortion, homosexuality, pornography, immodesty in dress, contraception, drugs, etc, but most of all for the great “apostasy” now happening in formerly Western Europe and America, the abandonment of near 2000 years of faithful doctrine and moral teaching, and the abandonment of the true Tridentine Mass.
God is going to allow our enemies to punish us severely and when all seems lost when both the Church and world seemed doomed, when God’s justice has been appeased, then He intervenes, turns the tables and our enemies are annihilated completely. We win in the end but not before God has exacted a terrible price. Over 75% of the world will die in a combination of God sent chastisements, i.e massive earthquakes, storms etc that dwarf anything we have seen yet and WWIII.

- Total world economic collapse
- Naval confrontation in the Med. Sea between Russian and American warships.
- A new large Middle East war and a battle near Aleppo between America and Russian troops.
- Civil war and revolution combined in all western countries including America and when all is in chaos and anarchy, Russia and China attack America, Russia and “all” the Muslim nations attack Europe. WW3 as it evolves suddenly from the civil wars and revolutions lasts near three to four years. For the first two years Russia wins everywhere but then, when God intervenes, the tables are turned and our enemies both foreign and “domestic” are annihilated.

The Hierarchy of the Church will be severely chastised most will be killed, for their abandonment of the Catholic faith all the way to the TOP.

In America we get attacked from five sides and maybe six:

- Florida: Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, and other S. American countries side with Russia. even now they have made secret plans and agreements.
- Minnesota: Largest pop. of Russians and Muslims live in Minn, Dakotas, Mich.
- Alaska: Russians try to link up at the US/Can border with other elements but are stopped by the American’s and Canadians.
- Mexico: Mexico sides with Russia and is harboring tens of thousands of foreign troops.
- California: One million man Chinese amphibious landing (with help from within our own government) by which they occupy up to the Rockies and commits numerous massive atrocities against civilians until we drive them back into the ocean.

No electricity, gas, stores, water, food, transportation, hospitals, etc for near one to two years At first our enemies have the upper hand, but only for awhile. The civilian armed population is equally instrumental in helping to defeat our enemies. But remember first comes civil war and revolution, those who are left wing, so to speak, will be fighting those on the right, in general terms, or vice vs virtue. This does not account for some other massive happenings in the meantime, maybe a false flag and martial law or whatever, but the main happenings are to start possibly by next spring.

The End Of The World Is Beginning
"Look at Europe. Warn the european people."
"Europe must be careful. Forewarn the people of Europe. Look well and listen: East against West. Europe, pay attention."
"New calamities will fall over the planet."
"People from Europe, get united!".
"The month of June will bring the beginnig of the problems but it will not be yet the real war."
"In the month of July, the general mobilization will start."
"In August, all the envolved people will start to fell the effects."
"In September, there will happen the largest massacre that humankind has already experimented"
"Between October and December, there will be miracles."

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