'Hamas Leader's Son Breaks Away From Group and Exposes All!' [DAHBOO7]

The same hand controls Both Sides of Every War! More propaganda of 2 sides when 1 controls it!

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder and leader Hassan Yousef spoke about his break with Hamas and the organization’s ultimate goals of a worldwide Islamic caliphate on Tuesday’s broadcast of the “Mark Levin Show.”

Yousef said he left Hamas after he saw the viciousness of an organization that tortures and kills its own members that are suspected of collaborating with the Israelis, and couldn’t morally justify the fact that Hamas suicide bombers intentionally targeted “buses, schools, hospitals, [and] universities.”

He later added that Hamas has “global, religious, ideological agendas” that are dangerous, not just to Israel, but the entire world. “Their goal is to conquer the globe and build an Islamic state on every inch of the globe” Yousef said. He also said that Hamas “is willing to sacrifice as many Palestinians as it takes” to achieve its goals, and they “don’t care about Palestine...all they care about [is] to conquer.” He reported that America itself “is a target for the Hamas movement.” And “Israel in the Middle East is fighting on behalf of the free world.”


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