The Secret Past of Antarctica

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Antarctica was once Atlantis. An antediluvian island continent paradise from where evil nephilim overlords ruled the entire Earth with great ruthlessness using occult knowledge that included things like black magick & super advanced technology taught to them by their fathers - the watchers that fell in the days of Jared [see 1 Enoch 9:6-9]. Poseidonis was the capital of Atlantis. The island continent appeared to sink into the ocean during the Great Deluge mentioned in Genesis 6:5-7,11-13 & 7:17,19-24. Later it was flash frozen due to sudden global crustal displacement where it was covered with ice until the Nazis learned from esoteric Tibetan monks that Antarctica used to be Atlantis during their expedition there from 1938-1939. The Nazis built Base 211 in Antarctica and started searching for all the flash frozen advanced technology which they tried to retro-engineer until the Americans took over the operation during Operation Highjump. The Americans then took all the technology found then and later during Operations Deep Freeze with all the occult Nazi scientists back to the U.S.A. to keep retro-engineering all the technology in D.U.M.B.s hidden in the remote desert plus start the process of releasing some of the fallen watchers in the same areas. This technology will be used to sell the "alien" strong delusion to an unsuspecting public to help set up the NWO of the antichrist with the fallen watchers, djinn, neo-nephilim, genetic hybrids, and evil human minions pretending to be the different kinds of "aliens". tlantis-books-2/ http:/

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