ARE we are not alone in this universe ?

  • Uploaded by Trip on Jul 30, 2014
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it's more real than you or me know or could imagine I think in this video you will see intelligent control objects buzzing another object minding its own business happily going along in space :) my question is what are earthlings trading it can not be money as these intelligent visitors don't need that could the governments be trading life or another earthly resource or are the government not trading nothing as these visitors come into our space when they want taking what they want and no earthly force can stop them ? Just asking that's all lol I think when the government finally disclose this intelligent technology of great power that's been hidden for so long all fossil fuel and muscular power will become in to question why are we damaging our planet with it when clean more advanced possible free power is available ? Then the most important point faith in our creator ! Who is that ? Are the intelligent visitors our creators ? Or is god ? This all needs to be explained but how will they do that with out panic ? This was from the north west I think you should all look that way with gen night vision it's going on

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