Brilliant Glowing Globe UFO On New Years Eve - December 31st 2013

  • Uploaded by Grey on Aug 4, 2014
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What you are currently about to witness is a pulsating glowing orb filmed on December 31st 2013 on the evening of New Years Eve in rural Nevada. This same object was seen also in Sacramento California by the thousands of people and made the news as a mass UFO sighting. The unidentified object seems to be the same UFO filmed on Dec. 12th & the 28th. The only difference is that the spherical UFO seems to be giving off more reds and orange hues as opposed to the previous footage we captured. We estimate the UFO to be hovering around 12 thousand feet which is why many cities in the region reported seeing it. I estimate the object to be hovering over an area of the Sierras known as Lake Topaz which is directly south of where this is being filmed at. Pay very close attention as at times the UFO pulsates two to three colors per second sometimes giving off multiple hues. This very same globe on New Years Eve was seen in the thousands and we bring it to YOU! The film is best viewed with full screen and highlights of the video are at the 7:17 and 9:29 timestamps. You can also view other footage from this ongoing UFO case at the following links below:December 12, 2013: 28, 2013: 3, 2014: 18th 2014: 19th 2014: 21st 2014: 22nd 2014: 25th 2014: 3rd 2014: 21st 2014: !!!

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