The Public Will Follow Fraud Over The Cliff

  • Uploaded by JustSense on Aug 4, 2014
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Alex Jones discusses how the masses have been brainwashed to accept any lie told to them by those in Alex on TWITTER - on G+ - +infowars/Like Alex on FACEBOOK - :Web::Subscribe and share your login with 11 friends: to get the products Alex Jones and his family trust, while supporting the growth of our expanding media operation.[] DNA Force [] X2 Survival Shield[] Super Female Vitality[] Lung Cleanse[] Silver-Bullet - Colloidal Silver[] Fluoride Shield [] Super Male Vitality [] Survival Shield - Nascent Iodine [] Patriot Blend 100% Organic Coffee [] Immune Support 100% Organic Coffee All available at - MAGAZINE - LATEST HEALTH - START GETTING HEALTHY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE - Sign-up - Includes free monthly digital copy of Infowars Magazine -

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