'Obama can stop ethnic cleansing of Palestinians w/ 1 ☏' [Rodney Martin @ PressTV]

The United Sates is responsible for the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by Israel in Gaza because President Barack Obama can stop it with one telephone call, an American political commentator says.

“Of course, what’s happening in Gaza, the United States is responsible for [it] because if the United States wants to stop all this, [what] Barack Obama has to do is pick up the phone,” said Rodney Martin, who is the director of the World View Foundations, a website, and a host at the American Nationalist Network, an internet radio station.

Newly released top secret documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal that the US government is directly enabling Israel’s military assaults on Gaza by sharing intelligence on “Palestinian targets” with Israeli spy services.

The US National Security Agency "maintains a far-reaching technical and analytic relationship with the Israeli SIGINT National Unit (ISNU) sharing information on access, intercept, targeting, language, analysis and reporting," according to the documents dated April 13, 2013 and published on Monday by The Intercept.

Martin told Press TV on Monday that “the fact that the United States is providing intelligence to other nations goes back to a policy that was established after World War II.”

“In Iran, the United States provided intelligence to SAVAK under the shah, and we know what a horrendous crime against humanity that was employed under SAVAK at the behest of the United Sates intelligence. It will go on under [Anastasio] Somoza [Debayle] in Nicaragua,” he added. “So the fact that Israel is being guided by the US intelligence is nothing new.”

Martin stated that “the United States’ political system is specifically designed to prevent change. And that change is not going to come from within the United States. It is going to come from exterior sources, such as Russia, China, India and other powerful trading partners, and powerful trading and geopolitical alliances that’d bring pressure…on the United Sates.”

“So, this is not anything that has not been inconsistent with the US policy whereby the United States would provide intelligence to Israel whereby providing a venue, providing an opportunity of ethnic cleansing [of Palestinians],” he noted.

“Why? Because Israel dominates the political landscape in the United States, and until there is enough exterior pressure on the United States, hitting the United States in its pock book, the United States is going to continue to be a rogue state and Israel the big bully,” concluded Martin, who also served for a time on the staff of a US congressman assigned to Military and Veteran Issues.

Israeli warplanes have been pounding numerous sites in the Gaza Strip, since July 8, demolishing houses and burying families under the rubble. Israeli forces also began a ground offensive against the impoverished Palestinian land on July 17.

More than 1,865 Palestinians have been killed and over 9,500 others injured by the Israeli regime’s offensive against the coastal sliver despite pressure from the international community. The United Nations says over 80 percent of the fatalities in Gaza have been civilians.

Renowned Jewish American scholar Noam Chomsky told Press TV on Saturday that Israel has committed major “war crimes” in Gaza. He said Israel is much worse than the former apartheid regime in South Africa.

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