Colliding Atmospheres: Mars vs Comet Siding Spring A Once in a Lifetime Celestial Show

Comet Siding Spring is about to fly historically close to Mars. The encounter could spark Martian auroras, a meteor shower, and other unpredictable effects. Whatever happens, NASA's fleet of Mars satellites will have a ringside : Colliding Atmospheres - Mars vs Comet Siding SpringVisit for Siding Spring will pass extremely close to Mars on 19 October 2014 at 18:33 UTC.[6] Initial observations by Leonid Elenin on 27 February 2013, suggested that it might pass AU (41,300 km; 25,700 mi) from the center of Mars. With an observation arc of 662 days, the nominal pass is AU (132,000 km; 82,000 mi) from the center-point of Mars and the uncertainty region shows that it will not come closer than AU (129,000 km; 80,000 mi). For comparison, Marss outer moon Deimos orbits AU (24,000 km; 15,000 mi) from the planet. Due to the uncertainty region, there is a small possibility that it will pass Mars as far away as AU (130,000 km; 84,000 mi). It will pass Mars at a relative velocity of 56 km/s (35 mi/s).

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