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Radical Islam Starts World War and Destroys UN

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  • uploaded: Sep 28, 2007
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We're living in prophetic times, says a newly-revealed ancient text inscribed by Egyptian scholars shortly after the Exodus. Having survived the millennia, these texts are now part of The Kolbrin Bible. They offer uncannily accurate predictions, and several have already come to pass.

Those yet to be fulfilled warn us that Muslim terrorists will soon trigger a world war that destroys the United Nations and then divides the world into bloody hegemonies. Following that, another prediction warns of a global cataclysm in which humanity suffers an E. L. E. (extinction level event) with asteroid impacts, massive earthquakes, erupting volcanoes and tsunami waves. For more information, visit kolbrin.com (text) or podcast.kolbrin.com (audio).

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  • Opalserpent#

    Opalserpent December 24, 2010 10:43:41 AM CET

    What a load of crap alright, only retards believe muslims want to kill everyone when we know who does the real killing and whos behind it. Try googling talmud evil and see what interesting things are said about us gentiles hey hasbara.

  • Pateriot#

    Pateriot August 12, 2009 8:10:02 PM CEST

    What an absolute load of rubbish!!!! This should be put forth as a religious belief involving faith in a conclusion without credible evidence being required.

  • Cosmonaut#

    Cosmonaut August 28, 2008 11:56:34 PM CEST

    The headline should read.America provokes third world war by ignoring UN.

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