NWO Speech Writers Prepairing Speeches For Leaders of Canada, Australia

  • Uploaded by Nwomaster on Aug 9, 2014
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Yes, the revelations in this video are 11 years old, but they are still relevant. These identical speeches were given before the parliaments of Canada and Australia, and were perhaps influential in both of those nations supporting the invasion of Iraq. It raises a serious question: Are these nation states really free, and these "leaders" representing the interests of their citizens, and in fact who is handed these scripts to them?It is strange that countries in polar opposite parts of the world have politicians reading the exact same speech on an issue as important as invading the nation of Iraq. This makes you wonder - Who is giving these "leaders" their speeches, and why are they reading speeches prepared for them by a 3rd party? Where did this speech come from, and why are these politicians regurgitating it like some sort of robot?

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